Third Term Social Studies Lesson Note for JSS1


                            SCHEME OF WORK FOR THIRD TERM

                             SUBJECT: SOCIAL STUDIES

                                         CLASS: JSS ONE

WEEK ONE:    Revision of last term’s work

WEEK TWO:   Negotiation 1 – (a) meaning of negotiation

                                                      (b) Situations that may need negotiation

(c)  Steps in successful negotiation

WEEK THREE:  Negotiation 2- (a) factors that influence negotiation

                                                       (b) Negotiation and refusal skills techniques

                                                       (c) Advantages of negotiation

WEEK FOUR:   STIS/HIV/AIDS – (a) meaning

(b) Causes

(c) Effects

WEEK FIVE:  Social issues and problems:

                       Examination malpractices   –   (a) meaning

(b) Causes

(c) Effects

(d) Solutions



WEEK SIX:      Cultism –     (a) meaning

(b) Causes

(c) Effects

(d) Solutions


WEEK SEVEN:  National unity and integration – (a) meaning


(c) Importance


WEEK EIGHT:   Influence of man in the environment

WEEK NINE:     Environmental problems

WEEK TEN:       Revision








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Are you tired of outdated lesson notes? Worry no more, here is the reviewed and updated version of the JSS1 third term  Social Studies lesson note available online.

The lesson note covers weekly prepared lesson notes and each topic in this lesson note is explained in detail with adequate evaluation at the end of each week. It is based on the latest unified NERDC/UBE curriculum which is suitable for all schools in Nigeria.




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