JSS1 Third Term Mathematics Lesson Note



J S 1 (BASIC 7)


WEEK                                                          TOPICS

  1. Plane shapes: (a) Identification of common plane shapes (b) Properties of circles and triangles. (c) Properties of quadrilaterals: square, rectangle, trapezium, rhombus, parallelogram, kite. (d) Identification and naming of polygon. (e) Similarities and differences between regular quadrilaterals.
  2. Plane shapes: (a) Perimeter of circles and triangles. (b) Perimeter of regular quadrilaterals and polygon. (c) Perimeter of irregular shapes.
  3. Area of regular plane shape: (a) Area of circles and triangles. (b) Area of regular quadrilaterals. (c) Area of irregular shapes.
  4. Three dimensional shapes (Solids): (a) Identification and naming of solids. (b) Basic properties of Prism (cubes, cuboids and cylinders). (c) Basic properties of pyramids and cones.  (d) Basic properties of spheres (e) Volume of cube and cuboids. (f) Net of shapes: drawing and making nets of shape.
  5. Construction: (a) Construction of parallel and perpendicular lines (b) Bisection of given line segment¬† (c) Construction of angles¬† 90¬į and¬† 60¬į
  6. Angles: (a) Naming of angles (acute, right, complementary, obtuse, straight, supplementary reflex angles and angle at a point. (b) Units and measurement of angles (c) Angles between lines (vertically opposite, angle on a straight line and angle at a point). (d) Angles between parallel lines (adjacent, alternate and corresponding angles).
  7. Mid-term break.
  8. Need for statistic / Data collection and representation: (a) Purpose of statistics (ii) Need for collecting data for planning purposes (b) Collection of data in class (c) Presentation of data (rank-ordered list, frequency table; pictogram; bar chart and interpretation of pie chart.
  9. Averages: (a) Mean (listed and tabulated data values) (b) Median (c) Mode of given set of data.
  10. Revision
  11. Examination 


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